igihe: “Volkanofest 2023: Music and conservation in perfect harmony”

This October, the quiet town of Musaze, is gearing up for a festival with a deeper tune. The annual Volkanofest, happening from 6th to 8th October at Red Rocks and Classic Hotel, is not just about vibrant music and dancing hearts this year. It’s ringing with a louder, crucial message: “Harmonizing With Nature”.

— Josepha Mafubo, Igihe, 30 September 2023

Volkanofest 2023 is singing a tune of environmental care and awareness, urging each of us to recognize our role in protecting our beautiful planet. Without this cherished Earth, events like Volkanofest would remain a distant dream.

The festival is bringing together a colorful mix of well-known and rising artists from East Africa, who will express their unique tunes and styles, all while waving their flags high. Names like Bushali, Angell Mutoni, Kaya Byinshii from Rwanda, Checkmate Mido from Kenya, Alfa Otim from Uganda, and Dj Bamba & Makaveli from Tanzania are set to grace the stage.

One special feature this year is the ’Kids Zone’, a fun and engaging area to keep the young ones entertained during the day. Also new is a free yoga session for attendees, offering a moment of calm and reflection amidst the excitement. And for those who love arts and crafts, there will be more vendors this time, showcasing their creativity and providing a broader palette of options compared to previous editions.

This festival also opens doors for local entrepreneurs in tourism, trade, crafts, and other service industries. They get to offer their products and services to the diverse crowd attending the festival, contributing to the growth of the local economy. It’s a blend of enjoyable musical, cultural, and food experiences, which will also, in turn, narrate the story of a community coming together for a bigger cause.



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