4-5-6 OCTOBER 2024
@Musanze RWANDA

3 days of live music and Djs performances

from the banks of the Virunga Mountains

An uplifting weekend

a diverse, inclusive and family-friendly music and arts festival

Get ready to ignite the dance floor at the ultimate fusion of beats and vibes!

Join us on March 16th as Volkanofest, Urban Gorilla, Mundi, and Nyege Nyege Festival team up to bring you the electronic advantage party.

From the heart of Uganda, Rwanda, and Somalia, our top DJs will spin pure sonic magic all night long.


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Rwanda’s only annual multicultural gathering celebrating the cosmopolitan diversity of African music and arts. VolkanoFest features a wide range of live musicians, bands, instrumentalists, DJs, poets and performing artists, as well as craft exhibitions and sales from Rwanda, the region and the world, through our call to action for positive social change and environmental conservation.

From the banks of the Virunga Mountains, a diverse, inclusive and family-friendly music and arts festival set in a fantastical landscape of imagination takes you to the world-renowned village of Nkotsi Musanze Rwanda for three days of an uplifting weekend with an eclectic line-up of the best local, regional and international artists.

Volkano Fest 4th Edition

4-5-6 October2024

Welcome to Volkano Fest 2024, next october, where we invite you to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind celebration that offers a transformative journey where nature, music, and soul converge with a carefully curated lineup, interactive installations, and a commitment to sustainability.

This festival will be a celebration of unity, diversity, and the joy of living in harmony with the world around us.

UNITY in RHYTHM : Nature, Music & Soul is a thematic journey that seamlessly blends the following combined elements proposed for the 4th edition of Volkano Fest 24 set to take place from 4th to 6th October 2024 in Nyakinama, Musanze.


in Time
2024 Volkano Fest would integrate in its musical journey a connection between the present and the past and the future in music with musical styles of Karanyahuze and Igisope to electronic, afro fusion and more alternative music journeys and experiences.

in Space
The festival aims to create bridges and bring people together specially with a regional perspective; as the last edition has succeeded to unite artists and public from East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzanie), we want to emphasize the rest of the region this year and particularly Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nature’s Harmony

Festival Grounds Design: Set to be at Classic Lodge Nyakinama & Red Rocks cultural center, we aim to Transform these venues into a natural oasis, integrating eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials.

With the support of the community of local artists, artisans, arts and craft spaces to enrich the community spirit and make business. Both spaces shall be modified and customized to accommodate festival goals, vendors, volunteers and other mission aligned partners.

Line up 2023

Michael Makembe 

Ishimwe Michael (born 4 August 1998), known professionally as Michael Makembe, is a creative artist and creative entrepreneur. He is regarded as one of the most creative artists in Rwanda and the pioneer of New Traditional Modern Music and the only Ikembe (Kalimba)...

Ezra Kwizera

Ezra Kwizera’s music carries the spark of life along with the complex undertones of someone who has seen and survived serious hardship: war, poverty, and growing up as a Rwandan refugee in Uganda. Yet from these seemingly insurmountable challenges, Ezra has risen to...

Angell Mutoni

Angell Mutoni, a fervent Poet/Rapper and Singer-Songwriter hailing from Kigali, Rwanda, is a dynamic force in the world of music. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres, her unique sound seamlessly weaves Poetic Afro-Hiphop, Soulful RnB, and Pop influences. Boasting...

Kaya Byinshii

A recording and touring singer, songwriter, composer and performer. She was introduced to music and its spiritual power that she reflects, at a very young age. Her music is a unique sound of her vocals, a fusion of world music, soul, blues, folk and Rwandan...

DJ Dawee

DJ Dawee is a Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Tropical Bass & Afrobeats DJ & MC from the Berlin-based sound system and label SWS. Together with his crew, Dawee influenced the German and European Caribbean music scene in the 2000s, and he played shows all around...

Little Black Kid

As a pioneer of house music in Kampala Uganda, LITTLE BLACK KID has solidified his artistry among the underground heavyweights in Kampala electronic music lovers with trancey progressive and a slight touch of afro and tribalistic sound, consistently marketing his...

Deo Salvator

In the story of Deo Salvator, a name that conjures up guitar virtuosity and fingerstyle finesse, we meet a musician whose journey began with a stroke of luck. Imagine this scene: a young Deo, a mere visitor to his cousin's house, lays his hands on a guitar for the...

Otis Kayonga

KAYONGA Otis is a multi-talented Rwandan musician widely recognised for his roles as a singer, songwriter, keyboardist and performer. With a musical journey that began at a young age, KAYONGA has emerged as a prominent figure in the Rwandan music scene. His unique...


Joanne Uwizeye Mukinisha is an emerging artist, musician and guitarist in the Kigali music scene, who started her musical journey by performing at private events and joining colleagues at various live music hotspots around the city. Her talent has already made an...


Akoth Jumadi explores themes of love, healing, spiritual emancipation, political liberation and cultural integration in the arts. Akoth Jumadi started playing at Maseno University in Kisumu, when a friend gave a subtle nudge by gifting her a guitar, under the tutelage...

Alyt MX

Based in Kigali, Rwanda, Alyt MX is a house music DJ/producer/remixer who started DJing and music production in mid-2017. Highly inspired by acts such as Black Coffee, Da Capo, Kususa, Enoo Napa, Atjazz and many more, his passion and work in the electronic music arena...

 Dj Pulsar

I have been a die-hard music fan for as long as I can remember. In 2016, I embarked on a journey of musical discovery. In search of a genre that could resonate with me.I fell down the YouTube rabbit hole and discovered my passion for electronic music thanks to my...


Nitwa Muhirwa Issa wamenyekanye nka MayLo natangiye Music muri 2010 gusa as a professional nabi tango ye 2016 ndangije secondary so ubu maze nagerageje kwitabira ama concert agiye atandukanye Iwacu Muzika festival 2019 ndetse nitabiriye umuha ngo wo Kwita izina...

B Threy

Bertrand MUHETO known as B Threy was born on 27th July 1994 in Bujumburo - Burundi and grew up in Nyamirambo which is the biggest influence he had to become an outstanding rapper, songwriter and fashion enthusiast. After the release of his first studio album...


Hailing from Rwanda, Lyynduh is a multi-talented artist and DJ known for her electrifying performances. With over 5 years on the decks, she enjoys mixing Afrobeats, Dub, Disco and more into unforgettable sets that connect people through music. Lyynduh's musical...


IamRonny is a Uganda based performance dj and producer who also uses African heritage fashion as a technique to present music as a work of art. I define my playing style as a global fusion of Deep, Tropical, Oriental, Afro, Downtempo, Tribal, Techno, House, Base...

Dj Juicy

DJ Juicy is a versatile creative force who seamlessly weaves the worlds of music, architecture, and fashion into a tapestry of innovation and artistry. With an insatiable passion for self-expression, DJ Juicy has carved out a unique path that transcends traditional...


Starving Yet Full (Cédric Gasaïda) owns a tenacious stage presence and bewildering appeal to the masses. From his stand-out performances at Barcelona’s Sonar Festival, and the U.K.’s Glastonbury and Lovebox Festivals, to his appearance in the front row at a Dior...

LionEyes Jahsporah

LionEyes Jahsporah : Une Voix Engagée Chapitre 1 : Les Premières Harmonies Je m'appelle Aime Ngabo Legrand, et depuis 2004, je baigne dans le monde de la musique en tant que chanteur. Mon nom de scène, LionEyes Jahsporah, résonne dans l'univers du reggae, une passion...

Hola Jefe

HOLA JEFE is a professional DJ and event manager currently based in Kampala, Uganda. Through his sound collective, SOUL TRI3E, he runs some of Kampala's leading electronic music events in the country. HOLA JEFE has played alongside some of the most respected talents...


An eventful journey Coming from a family of musicians, music has been a lifelong companion that has gradually shaped my soul. But it wasn't until 2014 that I decided to give back what it had given me. Starting with small performances in and around Kigali, I honed my...

Otim Alpha

A traditional Adungu and Nanga harp master and singer, Otim Alpha got his musical start as a wedding leader in his hometown of Gulu City and is one of the few musicians to have passed on and preserved Acholi folk traditions. Like Omar Souleyman, who plays Syrian...

Checkmate Mido

Nominated for a Sondeka East Africa Award in 2023, Dembede Mido, better known as Checkmate Mido is a household name in the Kenyan underground music scene. Through his blend of rap, poetry, beatboxing, and music, he skillfully tells profound narratives in English,...

Kavumbi Dust

Kavumbi Dust is a multidisciplinary artist, music producer, DJ, dancer and event organiser based in Kigali, Rwanda. From Team Kumba to co-founder of Igikumba, a new dance music genre in the country and owner of Funky Friday, a weekly electronic music event based on...


ITSMDNYT is a highly talented and versatile artist from Uganda, known for her expertise in DJing, music production, singing and creative writing. Their unique musical style combines elements of techno and African tribal percussion with captivating vocals, resulting in...


«Hey, please call me 1key. I'm an independent artist experimenting with sounds, music, visuals, installation, acting and performing. I rhyme in three languages mainly though I casually speak six. My influences are a mix of Rwandan traditional folk storytelling, French...


SANO BOI (Hitiyise Sano Innocent) and A4 (Ndahiro Alban), young Hip Hop artists born and raised in Rwanda in a Kigali’s neighborhood called Kacyiru. «We are making music in both English and Kinyarwanda language to present the neighborhood stories on both local and...

Dj Boben

Boben is a creative Dj from Rwanda & DRC known for his special type of music Afro tech, house music, reggae, jungle drum and bass music. He is also founder of 1000 hills party people travel tour and Tambamizi_rwa which are events loved by several people. Boben...



Festival activities

Live music performances
— Food and drink stalls
— Arts and crafts exhibition and sale
— Acrobatic acts showcase
— Yoga
— Traditional music and dance performances
Camping areas
Children’s area
— Tourist activities offered by Red Rocks

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