From the banks of the Virunga Mountains

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Volkano Fest 2024 - 3 days pass

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An uplifting weekend — a diverse, inclusive and family-friendly music and arts festival

Volkano Fest 4th Edition

4-5-6 October2024

Welcome to Volkano Fest 2024, next october, where we invite you to immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind celebration that offers a transformative journey where nature, music, and soul converge with a carefully curated lineup, interactive installations, and a commitment to sustainability.

This festival will be a celebration of unity, diversity, and the joy of living in harmony with the world around us.


Nature, Music & Soul is a thematic journey that seamlessly blends the following combined elements proposed for the 4th edition of Volkano Fest 24 set to take place from 4th to 6th October 2024 in Nyakinama, Musanze.

Rwanda’s only annual multicultural gathering celebrating the cosmopolitan diversity of African music and arts. VolkanoFest features a wide range of live musicians, bands, instrumentalists, DJs, poets and performing artists, as well as craft exhibitions and sales from Rwanda, the region and the world, through our call to action for positive social change and environmental conservation.

From the banks of the Virunga Mountains, a diverse, inclusive and family-friendly music and arts festival set in a fantastical landscape of imagination takes you to the world-renowned village of Nkotsi Musanze Rwanda for three days of an uplifting weekend with an eclectic line-up of the best local, regional and international artists.


in Time

2024 Volkano Fest would integrate in its musical journey a connection between the present and the past and the future in music with musical styles of Karanyahuze and Igisope to electronic, afro fusion and more alternative music journeys and experiences.

in Space

The festival aims to create bridges and bring people together specially with a regional perspective; as the last edition has succeeded to unite artists and public from East Africa (Uganda, Kenya, Tanzanie), we want to emphasize the rest of the region this year and particularly Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nature’s Harmony

Festival Grounds Design: Set to be at Classic Lodge Nyakinama & Red Rocks cultural center, we aim to Transform these venues into a natural oasis, integrating eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials.

With the support of the community of local artists, artisans, arts and craft spaces to enrich the community spirit and make business. Both spaces shall be modified and customized to accommodate festival goals, vendors, volunteers and other mission aligned partners.

VolkanoFest 2024 Tickets

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Die-hard tickets are on sale from May to July 31st, Early-bird tickets from August 1st to September 30th, and gate tickets from October 1st to October 4th.

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Volkano Fest 2024 - 3 days pass

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Festival activities

Live music performances
— Food and drink stalls
— Arts and crafts exhibition and sale
— Acrobatic acts showcase
— Yoga
— Traditional music and dance performances
Camping areas
Children’s area
— Tourist activities offered by Red Rocks


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VolkanoFest Highlight 2023

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